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5 Do’s & Don’ts on Valentine’s Day: The Guy’s Guide to “Getting It Right”

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Written by Keisha Marie

For men, February 14th may just be any other day. But for women, it’s a big deal! Aside from your significant other’s birthday, Valentine’s Day is the one day that you just have to “get it right,” leaving minimal room for error.

Such high expectations on this day of love can leave the heartthrob with a headache, so we’ve decided to provide you with some “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to help guide you through the day!

Get Her Something Meaningful

The best gifts are the ones that mean something to the recipient. You don’t always have to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift for it to be good! Instead, try getting your lover something related to a memorable past-time together, or an item that she mentioned when she didn’t even think you were listening!

Here’s a humble co-sign from R&B Singer Tank, echoing the sentiment. LISTEN! (We love that)

Take Her Somewhere Nice

Girls love a reason to get all dolled up – it makes us feel special! Take her somewhere that will make her dig into her closet for that little black dress and those (slightly uncomfortable) sexy heels!

Use The “Build-Up” Method

Let’s not forget, February 14th is an entire day. Try to do little things throughout the day to build excitement for big night!

Be Heartfelt, Honest & Funny

Life gets busy, and sometimes we forget to slow down, enjoy little moments with our sweetheart, and let them know how much we care. Take this day to do just that! Say honest, heartfelt things, and keep the conversation funny and refreshing!

Funny is important to Grammy-nomainted singer Kehlani too. Check out her tips on how to ask her out for a Valentine’s Day date below.

Spice Up The Night Life!

If you and your lover have passed “third base,” we all know what a great day of fun & love tends to bring…a passionate bedroom experience. For V-Day, try something different…maybe even play a little bedroom game 😉 


Did we just remind you that it’s Valentine’s Day? Well you’re more behind than we thought! Whatever you do, don’t make it look like you forgot, or you may no longer be the heartthrob that your honey is raging about!

Don’t Give Into The Clichés

Flowers, chocolates, and heart-shaped rose pedals on the bed…these things have been done a million times over. Even though these things are still cute to receive, try thinking outside of the box today – I promise your lover will appreciate it all the more!

No Repeats

If your Valentine’s Day plans pleased your significant other last year, it may be super tempting to do those things again. Don’t do it – that was so 2016! This special day only comes once a year, “wow” her with your creativity!

Don’t Compare Your V-Day Plans To Those Around You

Valentine’s Day should be special and customized to you and your lover. Don’t worry about what everyone else has planned for the day, focus on what makes YOUR significant other happy – it may be totally different from what makes another’s lover happy.

Don’t Pass Out When You Get Home

Even if the multiple glasses of wine at dinner have you a little tired, you have to stay up tonight! Your lover is probably expecting a nightcap, and it’s important that you deliver! Drink a Red Bull on the ride back home if need be, but if you fall asleep tonight, you may be paying for it in the morning!

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Hope these tips help you have a very “satisfying” Valentine’s Day experience.