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Usher Talks 20-Year Career, Chris Brown Dance-Off, August Alsina’s Health on Hot 97 [VIDEO]

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Usher on HOT 97's Ebro In The Morning for TheBobbyPen.comHot 97’s Ebro In the Morning sits down with Usher for in-depth interview last week as part of a press run for new single “I Don’t Mind” featuring Juicy J.

Apparently the New York DJ knows Usher before we did, recalling playing drum references for the then 15-year-old singer’s first project “Call Me a Mack.” Usher says that his UR Experience tour is a culmination of his 20-year career, and as he sings songs that span is X album catalog, he’s excited to share stories like this with fans, since “I’m not selling anything this time… Now, I’m having fun.”

Usher also dispels rumors that he humiliated Chris Brown in a dance-off during the iHeartRadio Festival. He said they were just enjoying performing “New Flame” together– which he took literally as he set his Jordan’s on fire on stage. But then Usher sort of said he was Michael Jackson to Breezy. Hmmm… Anyway, maybe we’ll get to see the dup again during Usher’s tour.

Interestingly, Usher brings up the mystiq celebrity used to have and how The Jackson family mastered that lost art. I do think celebrity has diminished due to social media, so it’s cool to hear an entertainment veteran’s perspective on the subject. Usher feels more connected to his fans through social media and appreciates the level of honesty he can have, he fears feeling “trapped” by the mystiq.

The 42-minute interview covers various topics, including August Alsina opening for his upcoming UR Experience Tour, his ex-wife, no longer working with his mom as manager and fatherhood.

Check out the full interview here.