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Totally Meli “Bet You Love Me” [MUSIC REVIEW]

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Singer/ Songwriter Totally Meli has picked up steam quickly in the indie scene scoring features with artists like Rallo, OG Rach, and Erk Escobar. The St. Louis-based artist blends R&B vocals with the bass and energy of today’s Hip-Hop sound for a fresh take on Hip-Hop Soul. Her background in creative writing helps her to tell compelling stories about life, love, and motherhood.

Her recent single “Bet You’ll Love Me” is the cocky anthem, with a hard-hitting sound, for the ladies who need a reminder of the queen they truly are. The declaration serves as a warning that Totally Meli is totally irresistible, in every sense of the word. Her lyrics reclaim the woman’s power to not only make her suitors fall for her charm but her haters too.

More About Totally Meli

“I make music to express how I feel. It’s how I voice my opinion on situations happening at home or across the world,” says Totally Meli, but music is not her only outlet. The 23-year old is an accomplished dancer and visual artist who paints and draws too.

This abstract approach to the creative process is evident in Totally Meli’s musical influences. She admires artists like Chris Brown, Rihanna, Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake and Brandy, who– like her, wear multiple hats.

New to the game, Totally Meli began recording music organically in 2016 by setting up shop at home. Self-taught, she continues to study the music business from production to distribution, making her the ultimate package.

Connect with Totally Meli

Booking: totallymeli314@gmail.com



Black Cat: 314-306-4956

Swisha: 314-619-3499

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