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The Put On: Dirt Platoon “Pennsylvania Ave” feat. American Gangster Melvin Williams

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Dirt Platoon is a Hip-Hop duo from Baltimore’s Break Fast Records. They recently released a new 12-track LP Deeper than DirtThey describe the project as “the type of music many Hip-Hop artist asprie to make.” They go further by saying, “The entire record paints a picture how hip-hop was, and how it should be, as the producers take sample chops to another level and the emcees use modern techniques of emceeing to talk about their lives and to just plain spit.”
These are some heavy words from heavy hitting rappers. The first single from the track “Pennsylvania Ave” is an ode to the neighborhood the two brothers were raised on. The official video the to single is below and features a cameo from the block’s legendary “American Gangster” Melvin Williams.
More info on Dirt Platoon and Break Fast Records can be found on their website.
Lable: @Brakefast
Producer: @TomDelayBeats