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The Balancing Act : Singer Patrice LIVE Plays Up Superpowers to Pursue Superstardom [VIDEO]

A wife, mother and rising superstar Patrice LIVE knows she deserves it all, and she'll have it all too
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patrice_live_thebobybpenDeveloping a sense of fearlessness at 4 years old, singer-songwriter Patrice LIVE says people think she’s a little crazy for chasing after her dream of superstardom at this stage in life, but she doesn’t care.

We all have talents to show the world. I don’t think we get a pass to not pursue our dreams [after motherhood.] It’s hard, but that doesn’t give us a pass, Patrice says.


Preparing to release her debut album this summer, “Ghost of Boyfriends Past,” DC singer Patrice LIVE is working to present herself a Wonder Woman to inspire others.

This singer-songwriter refuses to wear just any one hat, playing to her super power of organization. As a woman who is admittedly meticulous, she has foresight and strategy on her side. She says that building her team is so important to her, because she has no issues with accepting that she doesn’t know everything, but she strives to place those complimentary people around her who do.

Influenced by greats like Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan and Billie Holliday this triple threat has learned to pen a power ballad and own the stage with fervor too. Patrice began performing in pageants at 5 years old to build up the confidence we see now in her live show. She stayed in the music biz throughout the years by singing in different Go-Go bands likeBe’la Dona– the only all-girl band running the DMV, and songwriting or singing background for artists like Yolanda Adams. Patrice says she’s grateful for these experiences because she now has a vision for how she wants everything to look as she strikes out on her own.

Listen to Patrice LIVE’s lead single “Jumpback” (feat. Pinky Killacorn)

Her Wonder Woman movement is a mission to encourage other women to go after whatever professional achievements or goals they may have put off due to marriage or motherhood. Patrice says she keeps the motivation for her doing certain things front of mind to refuel herself when she begins to feel flustered. Sometimes that reason is her family or making her husband happy, but she’s sure to do things that make her feel fulfilled too. She recognizes that it’s not easy to wear so many hats, and loves to be transparent about her balancing act in an effort to inspire other women by example.

A delay is certainly not a denial, and Patrice LIVE is proof that all women can be “Wonder Women”.

What are some goals you’ve been putting off? Do you feel more inspired to achieve them? Why or why not?