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Real Husbands of Hollywood Guest Starring Actress Angell Conwell

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Hey guys! I told you I have the scoop…

In the BobbyPen’s 5 Minutes featuring actress Angell Conwell, I told you that she would be making a guest appearance on Kevin Hart‘s BET smash Real Husbands of Hollywood. Well the episode aired this Monday. (Episode 8 to be exact.) Conwell appeared portraying Kevin Hart’s ex-wife “Bridgette.”

Ricky.org says:

Bridgette announces she has a book deal and it is bigger than Kevin’s. They start arguing. Her book talks about how Kevin wasn’t there at the birth of their children, he slept with a stripper at his bachelor party, and more! JB says this is what it feels like to be lied on. The people who want to sign the book begin to mob him, just like he said!

This woman is incredible! She’s on FOUR networks at one time right now! Who else is out there hustling harder??? Catch Conwell weekdays on CBS’s long-running Daytime drama The Young and the Restless as attorney Leslie Michaelson. Enjoy this clip and for more Real Husbands of Hollywood news and recaps check out: Ricky.org

NOTE: RHOH is a satirical comedy not intended to portray real life events, but Hollywood’s A-list urban actors & artists parodying their real lives. 

Angell Conwell for Real Husbands of Hollywood for TheBobbyPen.com

Actress Angell Conwell guest starring on Real Husbands of Hollywood as Kevin Hart’s ex-wife “Bridgette”