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POWER Actress Naturi Naughton Leads Girls Inspire Anti-Bullying Campaign [RECAP]

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The Girls Inspire Anti-bullying campaign discussion held at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Washington, D.C. on Saturday (Oct. 3rd) was fun, informative and empowering for all ages.

Be cool by being great -Naturi Naughton

Starz’s Power actress Naturi Naughton led the guest panel discussion for ladies from as young as 8 years old up to 38. The group discussed ways to empower themselves and each other, as well as gain a better of understanding what is bullying and why it happens.

Naughton discussed her experience being bullied throughout grade school and high school. “I was made fun of because I was short. I had a roller book bag in high school; people would say I looked like a stewardess, ” she shared. 

She also acknowledged how bullying has changed since the days before smart phones. She talked about how social media has taken bullying to a different level. She even explained how sometimes you just don’t have to give the negative energy or comments attention because that’s what the naysayers want.

It’s one thing to be teased and it’s another thing to be bullied. -DJ Beauty and the Beatz


Sharae Griffin / TheBobbyPen.com

DJ Beauty and the Beatz, a 14-year-old disc jockey and panelist, talked about how growing up smart deemed her a nerd with her peers. She learned to take the negative and turn it into something positive; something that she’s proud of. “Own the fact that you’re a nerd,” she said.

Along with Naughton and the 14-year-old phenom, Director of the Citywide Bullying Prevention program Suzanne Greenfield and licensed Clinical Social Worker Kristian Owens gave tips on how parents can learn to set boundaries as it relates to adolescents and their cell phones, or who girls can to talk to when feeling bullied.

You don’t have to be like everybody else. It’s okay to be different. -Naturi Naughton


Sharae Griffin / TheBobbyPen.com

Naughton, formerly of R&B group 3LW, was very vocal about how she was treated as a member of the trio and felt it was her darker skin complexion that made her out to be “different” as opposed to being a unit with her group. Facing bullying throughout grade school and high school and being able to be on a platform like the anti-bullying campaign and speak to young girls was a pleasure for the Power star. Before the panel began, she had a chance to sit down with TheBobbyPen and discuss being a darker toned young lady, Power season three and upcoming music projects.

POWER Actress Naturi Naughton Leads Girls Inspire Anti-Bullying Campaign [RECAP]
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POWER Actress Naturi Naughton Leads Girls Inspire Anti-Bullying Campaign [RECAP]
Starz Power actress Naturi Naughton led fun, informative & empowering guest panel for Saturday's Girls Inspire Anti-bullying discussion in Washington, D.C.