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Polyvore Remix App : Your Own Personal Stylist in Your Phone

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Cookouts, Day Parties, Happy Hours, Date Nights. There are so many occasions to attend once the weather warms up, and as a woman finding the right outfit is usually the hardest part.  You want to make sure the outfit is appropriate for the outing, but also you want to be cute!  You know that expression, “look good, feel good?” Well for women that especially rings true.  We look at the celebrities online all day and we’re like, “that outfit is great!” or “she looks fabulous!” What we sometimes neglect to remember is that most of these celebrities have a stylist.  

What if I told you, that your phone could be your stylist, for free ninety-nine?

Polyvore-Remix-Screen-The-Bobby-PenPolyvore Remix is is an app that will help you find that perfect outfit no matter the occasion, or help you find the perfect pair of shoes to go with items you already have. Not to mention you can browse, get outfit inspo and buy new items right in the app.  Yes, you spot your new favorite skirt or snag that perfect pair of heels without the hassle of copy and pasting for a Google image search.

I've downloaded it now show me the fashion!

You can create an account using your Facebook, Twitter, or your email address.  I opted to use my Twitter account, so that way I don’t have to worry about remembering another username/password combination. (Isn’t that the worse?)

The load screen defaults to what’s trending on the the app, and from there you can pick a specific category or search.  Results bring up different options of each item– let’s say a handbag, along with the prices.

After you find the proverbial handbag of your dreams, just click on it and the app designs an outfit around the handbag.  Clicking the “remix” button on the screen gives you a different outfit.

Oh, and if something else catches your eye in the picture you can click on it too to see that item’s price and where you can order it.  If you decide you want to design an outfit around the shoes or the top instead after clicking on the item, just click “remix” and boom, you’re on to another outfit.

This app is oddly addictive, you can get lost in creating outfits and different combinations for quite a while. This is a great option for those who want to be fashionable without the cost of a personal stylist. Polyvore Remix is your own personal stylist right in your pocket (or new purse ;-)).