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‘Wonder Woman’ is PatriceLIVE’s Glo Up [ALBUM REVIEW]

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DC artist PatriceLIVE shows exceptional growth in the sophomore album “Wonder Woman.” The declaration of the power, strength, and resilience of femininity is heard loud and clear on the 13-track project. Here’s my review of a few of the stand-out tracks that caught my ear.

When you think of the name “Wonder Woman” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Strength? Power? Resilience?


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R&B songstress PatriceLIVE’s sophomore EP by that name gives off that vibe right from the intro. We get to hear the generations of Wonder Women the D.C. native springs from over a powerful, bass booming battle cry. First, we hear the pride in her mother’s voice as she briefly reflects on the obstacles PatriceLIVE had to overcome in order to become the dynamic diva she is today. Then we hear from her daughter who is so proud to call her “mommy.”

The next track, “Promise,” lightens the mood with a vulnerable, up-tempo Go-Go song. The lead single is totally radio-ready with a catchy hook and head-nodding beat. Even if you’re not from the DMV you’d probably find yourself choppin’ or clappin’– You can’t help it!

Moving forward, the tone gets dark and we get an edgy, electronic ladies’ first anthem in the title track. “Wonder Woman,” is one of those songs every woman working hard and taking care of business can see themselves in. The use of layered vocals inspires you to sing along to the catchy hook, “Got that thunder! ‘Cuz I’m a woman.”

“Remedy” might be my favorite track on the entire album as it reveals a “bad girl” edge we haven’t heard from PatriceLIVE yet. The cocky confidence of the lyrics is perfect over the hard-hitting, indignant beat. The hook is a simple declaration: “Whatever you need boy, I got what you need. I got the remedy.” Like damn! Ok, sis! three snaps for the sass

In classic R&B tradition, the album HAS to have a ballad. “Lover / Friendzone” fills that order and nails it! Vocally, we can hear PatriceLIVE’s growth over her debut project “Ghost of Boyfriends Past.” There’s power behind her upper register, the harmony is flawless and the pacing of her adlibs shows a musical maturity competitive with any mainstream female vocalist out now! (Yeah, I said it! This is a Grammy-worthy track)


PatriceLIVE introduces a more contemporary sound, something like the “Trap&B” we’ve been hearing from Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, SZA or even Tank.

“Dope Gold” is one of those songs that a woman can play when her man is making her feel like she’s floating on cloud 9. Meanwhile, “Make Me Forget” is a cognac track, smooth with a little sting at the end– both lyrically and vocally.

“Let’s Go” is another up-tempo dance track that will get the Chicago steppers on the dancefloor, get your knees high at the gym or carry you from the office to Happy Hour on payday. I can also hear this track on Urban AC radio easily as the hook is simple, upbeat and playful.

Overall, the production on “Wonder Woman” is flawless and the details such as channel switching from left to right and clean mixing do not go unnoticed. For an independent artist, this predation is well prepared and demands respect.

What do you think of Wonder Woman? Drop a comment below!


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'Wonder Woman' is PatriceLIVE's Glo Up [ALBUM REVIEW]
Article Name
'Wonder Woman' is PatriceLIVE's Glo Up [ALBUM REVIEW]
DC artist PatriceLIVE shows exceptional growth in sophomore album "Wonder Woman." The declaration of the power, strength and resilience of femininity is heard loud and clear on the 13-track project.