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Meet The Newest R&B Sensation, Jerome Clayton

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Soon to become a household name, the relentless dreamer has big plans for his future and promises you’ll remember his name.

Written by Ryen Watkins

I’m sure the ladies can agree that there’s nothing more refreshing than a man on a mission!

Meet Jerome Clayton, the next big thing coming from Connecticut.

The Gospel turned R&B singer gives all of his thanks for his success thus far to God and his family; especially his mom, who he says discovered his talents.

“I remember signing at the age of 6 and my mom turned around and said, boy is that you signing?” says Clayton.

He credits his family as major influences in his life, saying they’re the sole reason he does music.

After toying with the idea of music as a career, high school is when Clayton started to become invested in his craft. While growing up, he wrote and sang songs to literally anything and everything, but the first song he ever recorded was of the gospel genre.

Clayton grew up in a church-based home so you can probably guess how hard it was for him to transition to R&B.

“I remember my mom bought me The Winans Phase 2 album, that was the closest thing to R&B I could listen to,” the 28-year-old recalls.

Clayton says that even though his parents would’ve liked for him to continue creating gospel music, they’re still supportive of his dreams either way.

Clayton is more than a singer. He’s a songwriter, producer, and drummer. Clayton is an ARTIST.

After studying jazz in school and becoming a percussionist, Clayton fell in love with live bands.

“I refuse to perform over a track. If I’m invited to perform live, it’ll be with a band. The audience deserves the better experience.”

Clayton currently performs with a live band, which got started by doing a pilot show in 2014 for VH1. Clayton says they’ve been inseparable ever since.

It’s definitely all about who you know in the industry, and luckily for Clayton, he’s had some pretty awesome networking opportunities.

‘I can’t even describe the feeling of performing in front of artists who I grew up listening to.”

Clayton has performed for some industry heavy hitters such as, Bryan Michael Cox, Algebra Blessett, and Natasha Bedingfield to name a few.

Clayton says in the future he can definitely see himself performing in front of more legends in the music game.

“Half-Hearted” is Clayton’s upcoming project that was set to release next week. Unfortunately, his hard drive crashed and it has been an extensive process trying to get years of music back.

Even though Clayton lost years of hard work on the hard drive, he knows that a setback is only a setup for something greater.

“I want to be a living testament to relentlessly pursue your dreams, no matter what happens. Trust yourself, do right by people and GO HARD!”

Though the full project won’t be released, Clayton promises to release songs from the project soon and says you can find all of his music on SoundCloud.

The future is very bright for Mr. Jerome Clayton and we can’t wait to follow his journey along the way!

This passionate declaration serves as Clayton’s personal manifesto: “I started from the bottom, and I promise I’ll finish at the top.”

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