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Lil’ Pump Gucci Gang Parody: Curly Gang [VIDEO]

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Rapper Lil’ Pump is making his way up the charts and from the shadows of underground to consistent spins on urban stations across the country. “Gucci Gang” is a turn up track from the Miami native celebrating his lavish lifestyle of women, drugs and money.

I decided to flip that and put a fun natural hair spin on the track and turn “Gucci Gang” to “Curly Gang” (Curly Gang!)

The track is an ode to all the ladies loving their natural kinks, coils or curls.

With the use of 3-point lighting and green screen I wrote & produced a parody music video to celebrate natural hair.

Infusing the voice of “the culture” I flipped Hip-Hop’s latest gimmick into a rallying cry and celebration after a conversation with one of my colleagues who was having a hard time accepting her natural ringlets and curls. Thus, I present “Curly Gang” 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

This same concept could easily be applied to content marketing strategy that will elevate an ad to shareable, culturally relevant content that’s more “in-touch” and less of a hard sell. Would you implement this tactic in your digital sales plan?

BTW, here’s the original song and video.

Lil’ Pump Gucci Gang

"Curly Gang" Lil Pump Gucci Gang Parody
"Curly Gang" Lil Pump Gucci Gang Parody

Bobby Pen flipped Lil Pump's "Gucci Gang" to a rallying cry and celebration of natural hair