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Millennial Motivational Speaker Justin Drummond Takes Inspiration to the Next Level

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In today’s society, where there are more distractions than ever before, it becomes harder for one to grasp the attention of their desired audience. Regardless of your professional industry, in order to overcome this challenge you must be strategic, creative, and innovative. Justin Drummond, Motivational Speaker and CEO of SparkC Innovation, has mastered all three!

“In order to be an innovator, one must be an open-minded problem solver,” Drummond says. “It’s not enough to just state the problem, you have to be willing to bring a solution to the table. It is when you become open to various perspectives with the purpose to bring about change, where you’ll find innovation.”

Before the Washington, D.C. native determined that motivational speaking as his niche, he had an outstanding men’s basketball career at the University of Toledo. Through basketball he used his communications skills to help coach teammates, align the team on plays, and foster excitement on game days.

“It was in the moments before the game where I found myself empowering the team through my words– where I understood the power of vocal assertiveness,” Drummond says.

Today, he travels the DMV-area using his innovative communications strategies to inspire the community on various social topics. Currently, he is captivating audiences with a method that combines his motivational speeches with visual representations, bringing his words to life in a whole new way.

Drummond has also come up with a concept called “Inspirational Sound,” that pairs his content with tunes that relate to the tone of the message. So whether you’re an auditory learner or visual learner, this 24-year-old mastermind has come up with ways to make sure that everyone gets the memo!

Recently, Drummond participated in an anti-bullying event called “Rise Above” which is part of a larger Maryland’s Prince George’s County anti-bullying campaign. As a leader in this initiative, Justin has been dedicated to educating people on how bullying affects everyone, especially our youth.

“You never know what people are going through. The reason why bullies exist is rooted deeper than the surface. Something that you say can help them through a deeper issue that may ultimately heal the aspect of them that is causing them to bully others in the first place,” he says.

Drummond is now working on a short motivational book called “Biz Talk and the Pursuit of Professionalism.” For those who have trouble finding time to read, Justin promises that this book will be under 50 pages, allowing you to receive quick inspiration on the go!

You can check out motivational videos of Justin Drummond, and stay up-to-date on upcoming speaking engagements at www.sparkcinnovation.com!

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