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Hitched : Did Rapper Wale Get Married?

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Somewhere around 1 AM EST pictures began to surface of DC rapper Wale in a white tux cozied next to a beautiful bride.

Confusion ensued and rumors immediately began swarming regarding the puzzling photos. No one saw it coming. How does one keep a relationship secret in the social media age?

Easy. When it’s staged.

This photo is actually behind the scenes shots of Wale and Usher filming their latest video for single “Matrimony,” from Wale’s latest release The Album About Nothing. 

R&B crooner Usher was also captured in a tux with a walking stick, as he is recovering from a leg injury that had previously left him on 24-karat gold crutches.

While Wale doesn’t quite appear ready to settle down, he sure does clean up nicely doesn’t he?