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The Have a Lyft on Me Rideshare Giveaway

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Lyft Rideshare for TheBobbyPen.comLyft, the cool new on-demand ridesharing service, celebrates over one million rides nationwide by bursting on the DC commuter scene. TheBobbyPen.com wants to help Lyft keep that number growing in the Nation’s Capital by offering each of you up to $20 off your first ride, and one lucky reader a free trip home from Reveled Day Party & Artist Showcase on Sunday, September 22, 2013 courtesey of Lyft.That means you can have safe, carefree fun without the hassle of parking or making the decision to drive home any way but sober. (wink, wink)

Lyft Driver for TheBobbyPen.com

Accessible through Android and iPhone apps, the year-old service is like having a friend with a car whenever you need one. Once you get in the car sit up front, fist bump your new buddy, turn on your favorite tunes and experience the best way to get around the city!

After downloading the app, new users simply sign up with their Facebook account and request a ride. The inviting, easy-to-use interface displays a picture of your driver, their  car, and their estimated time of arrival to put you at ease. You’ll know your car is approaching when you see the cool pink mustache the driver has attached to the front of the vehicle.

Lyft is all about creating a social, sustainable and affordable transportation community. Think about it, at the click of a button your phone can request a ride, while you watch on the screen as the driver approaches! Once you’ve reached your destination just pay through the app –no cash necessary– then yell to your driver, “Yo holmes, smell ya later!”

Lyft Giveaway for TheBobbyPen.com

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Enter to win a free Lyft:

Too impatient to wait to try this new travel experience? Download the Lyft app at Lyft.me and use code BOBBYPEN for a $20 credit toward your first ride!

*$50 Lyft credit!