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Girls Do it Too! Awesome Apps Created by Women of Color

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Hi PenPalz!  You know I love a good app, but something resonates with my inner nerd when an app– or any kind of technology for that matter– is made by a woman.  So I been doing some digging and wanted to share my findings with you guys!


Myavana Screenshot from iPhone

We all know how hard it is to find a hair care regimen that works for our hair. Many sistas find that they have several different textures and curl patterns within their mane, making it complicated to figure out which products cocktail will condition and help grow their hair.

My relaxed hair grows fast, but it’s thin and doesn’t hold styles well. Conversely, my best friend’s hair grows long and thick which can make it hard to manage. When I stumbled across Myavana, I was like. “Wow!” It’s a hair care recommendation system for women of color.  The site was created by founders Joy Boulamwini, Candace Mitchell, Chanel Martin and Jessica Watson.

They offer three options to help you get develop the best hair care regimen specifically for your hair.

  1. Hair Prescription
    product and ingredient recommendations for your hair as well as what ingredients are good for your hair
  2. Hair Consultation
    which includes the Hair Prescription, plus a one-on-one video consultation so you can talk about what you want for your hair and which issues you’re having.
  3. Hair Analysis
    for those like me who have no idea what to do at all this is the best option for you. With this package you get the Hair Prescription, Hair Consultation and a Hair strand test for porosity levels, elasticity and styling techniques. If that’s not enough, they also toss in a referral to a hair salon for you in your area!
On Second Thought


Have you ever typed too fast and hit “send” and as you watch that little bubble go you’re like Nooooooo. Worry no more, On Second Thought is here to help! This handy little app decreases the odds of you sending the wrong message to anyone.  Maci Peterson, whom I had the opportunity to interview a while back created this app to help protect us from ourselves.  Good news for us, too bad for all those Reddit funniest text fails though.  You can recall text messages that are sent through the app. Back when I interviewed Maci Peterson the app was only available for Android but is now available in Beta for iOS!



Plum Perfect

Plum Perfect App Screen Photo: iTunes

The name for this one, is perfectly aligned with fall.  I mean plum is that not to bright purple and can complement an outfit really well rather it’s a lipstick or accessory.  But we’re getting side tracked.  Plum Perfect is an app that helps you identify the perfect beauty finds that work best for you by analyzing your picture that you upload!

I’m not a makeup girl at all so this is a huge help, and it will help you too!  But like my running theme today, it is created by women!  It was created by Asmau Ahmed.

You take your pic and Plum Perfect analyzes your faces and gives you products that match and work for you.  After it analyzes your picture you get a color signature (sounds fancy right?) Get this it even gives you reasons as to why, not just a random generation of recommendations based on some algorithm that we don’t care to understand.  It’s available on iOS.


Happy Downloading PenPalz and feel good knowing that WE can do that too!

Girls Do it Too! Awesome Apps Created by Women of Color
Article Name
Girls Do it Too! Awesome Apps Created by Women of Color
Cool apps created by women of color to help you grow healthy hair, unsend that drunk text to your ex and pick the perfect lipstick for your skin tone