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FOX’s Fall Premieres Promise Sex, Mystery and Horror at DC Screening [RECAP]

FOX's Fall lineup to include Empire, Scream Queens, Rosewood and more
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The children are back in school, your boss is probably still a jerk, and there’s a pile of dishes in the sink, but thank God that your television is still working, which also means that you are ready for FOX’s fall lineup. Here’s the scoop on a few of the station’s new shows “Scream Queens,” “Minority Report,” and “Rosewood,” as well as a few spoilers about what to expect on Season 2 of “Empire.” Let’s get started!


Don’t scream too loud

The new FOX series, Scream Queens, is the spookiest show out of all the fall premieres. It will star actress Keke Palmer, singer Ariana Grande, Glee actress Lea Michele and singer/writer Nick Jonas in a horrifying thriller about sorority and fraternity members who are the center of attention for a mysterious murderer on a college campus. Palmer, who has been extremely fashion forward lately on just about every red carpet event, plays a student at the university on a scholarship while Grande plays a cute sorority girl who is a loyal follower to the leader of her sorority or in other words, a snob.

The show premieres September 22nd and promises to be scary as well as hilarious. One star to be on the lookout for during the show’s premiere is Niecy Nash who plays a campus security guard who is also a “scaredy cat.” Nash said her character will be “doing everything that a black person who yells at the television screen would do.” Her character focuses on how to stay alive, so she will not be staying in the house when she hears a noise nor will she remain at the scene of a crime by herself at night. The Reno 911 star guarantees that the audience will experience a lot of laughter and some creepy moments while the cast tries to figure out the murderer’s identity.

Honestly, I can’t move on without mentioning Scream Queen’s new, hot young singer and actor, Lucien Laviscount, who will be playing frat guy Earl Grey. He will definitely give the ladies something to stare at and have them melting after one glance at his gorgeous smile. It seems like Palmer’s character might have a thing for him too. No surprise there. With a star-studded cast, the series looks promising and has the potential to be the next big series if the producers can keep the storyline going.


4EY at the Rosewood Series Premiere

4EY at the Rosewood Series Premiere

Minority snore

Then there’s FOX’s new series Minority Report, starring Think Like a Man actress Megan Good and Yo Momma creator Wilmer Valderrama, which left viewers feeling as confused as Family Guy star Peter Griffin would be during an intelligent conversation about foreign affairs. Hopefully you remember the movie The Minority Report featuring Tom Cruise that came out a decade ago. Just like the movie, the Minority Report series occurs sometime in the future when the police department begins seeking out people who are about to commit crimes and murders before they actually happen.

From the preview we can tell the show is a mystery but it will remain one if fans lose interest within five minutes of watching the first episode. Megan Good plays a detective who is trying to solve a case that has her stumped. Then suddenly a random guy has a seizure, which prompts the question, “What just happened?” Good and “seizure guy,” better known as Stark Sands, apparently team up to solve the case. It seems Stark Sands’ character can see things in the future, which might be the only “good” thing about the series.

The preview teaser leaves viewers with so many questions about the show and no hope for answers, just a lot of worried stares from characters and chase scenes. This obviously means that the show will probably last as long as Good’s previous NBC series entitled Deception. Deception debuted a full season before getting cancelled and left its fans with a cliffhanger during the season finale.

However, it is wonderful to see that Good is stepping out of her comfort zone and not playing the typical sexy girlfriend that the lead male role has to have for himself. She needs to find the right role in a series that will eventually stick, and I don’t think she’s found that in Minority Report. But see for yourself when the series premieres on September 21st on FOX at 8 p.m.

Empire Takeover

Now for the moment you have probably been waiting for, Empire will “drip drop” on FOX, Wednesday September 23rd at 9 p.m. and fans have a lot to be excited about. According to the Empire producers, “If Season 1 was about who will take the throne then Season 2 is about who will run it.” The family drama continues during this season and “the chickens will come home to roost” on this series phenomenon.

When we last saw the Lyon family, Lucious found himself in several compromising situations and fans quickly realized that orange is not a bad look on him. Cookie finally knocked out Boo Boo Kitty and the rest of the family is dealing with Lucious’ decision to allow Jamal to run the entire company.

Season 2 of Empire will mostly feature the back-story of the Lyon family where many of the fans’ questions are going to be answered. Fans will get the opportunity to see what Lucious did while Cookie was away in prison and how it affected his children. Singer and songwriter Ne-Yo is producing the music on Empire this season, so we know the music will definitely be on point. Fans can also expect more expensive fashion, sex, fighting, incredible story lines, music and episodes during the brand new season. Empire addicts should brace themselves for more surprise appearances from celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Chris Rock so begin planning your Empire watch party with family and friends, because this is a season of Empire that you won’t want to miss!


Dr. Rosewood reveals more than just his personality

FOX may have found a hit show with its new series Rosewood, starring Morris Chestnut’s FINE self. The show proves to be promising from the first moment we see Chestnut running with his shirt off and sweat dripping down his chocolate brown body. He’s so hot that its kind of distracting throughout the entire first episode and his smile is to die for. Speaking of death, Morris Chestnut plays a renowned doctor who helps the LAPD solve cases by examining the bodies of deceased victims.

In this series, Morris Chestnut fans will get to see another side of him through his character Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr. He has a big ego and uses a bunch of scientific terms that you probably haven’t heard before. Rosewood is like the black version of “House” and fans will get the opportunity to learn a little more about his slight defect that he deals with on a daily basis.

Rosewood is the pretty boy type who always dresses to impress. He’s also witty, friendly, and smells potential suspects on occasion. But then he meets a new female cop who isn’t impressed by his charming smile and smooth tactics. Tune in this season to see learn more about Rosewood and his hypothetical love interest. The series is captivating and guaranteed to hold your attention. Be sure to watch it when it airs on September 23rd at 8 p.m. right before Empire’s second season premiere.

Stay tuned for more updates about FOX’s fall premieres….