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FAUXreal: 5 Simple Ways to Style Inexpensive Faux Furs

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In a time where PETA is no stranger to shaming the next animal eater or any other person who feels the need to sport a warm and fashionable fur, sometimes you have to keep in mind that “real” doesn’t have to always be the answer in style. Faux is the way to go.

In no way, shape or form am I a self proclaimed fashionista, but I like what I like. And sometimes throwing together multiple pieces from your extensive H&M and Zara wardrobe or even hot finds from your local thrift shop can turn your faux fur outfit into a masterpiece. The simple and easy to mix-and-match faux fur pieces make high fashion fun and affordable. Take a chance on faux furs and see how trendy they really can be– and, save you a coin or two. 😉

Jean on Jean X Cream Faux Sheepskin Fur


Cocoa Redz/TheBobbyPen.com

There’s always something about a denim on denim paired with a fur or a multilayered outfit complimented by a fur that can make the fashion fairy gods feel warm inside. With the right accesories, an uncomplicated heel (or a low/tall riding boot for more casual occasions)  and the right photographer, and you have the perfect visuals.

Faux sheepskin fur courtesy of Marshalls $25


Faux Fur X Faux Leather Pants

Cocoa Redz/TheBobbyPen.com

When you’re on the cusp of spring or just at the start of fall, leather pants and faux furs are an option. You have those who would challenge wearing a fur before its below 40 degrees but as Future says ‘you do what you want when you poppin’. To dress this down to be mall or girls outing-appropriate, toss the four inch heels and bring out the knee high leather boot. Suede is optional as well.

Faux fur courtesy of Iconfashion Boutique $63


All Black Affair X (what is presumed to be) Faux Rabbit Fur

Cocoa Redz/TheBobbyPen.com

Surprisingly on a 39 degree day in NYC and hiking through Manhattan, Brooklyn and anywhere else you can name in the Big Apple, this outfit didn’t disappoint. Layers, layers, and more layers, a hat, a scarf and a pit of black timbs, you’re lead to believe this outfit can make one look slender than usual, comfortable and nonetheless warm. Mission accomplished.

Faux fur courtesy of Village Thrift Store $6

The Layered Effect X Faux Cream Fur

When you don’t have a good boyfriend Jean and you’ve given the denim on denim outfit a try, the equally trendy yet reverse of those options is the boyfriend Jean jacket. Steal your significant others jean jacket, layer uncontrollably and make it fashion forward. Most pieces were H&M, Target and some of which I can’t remember but it worked. Some would disagree and not take the chance on a jean jacket, long sweater AND a fur, but what are risks for? You dress for yourself, warmth, comfort, or all of the above — not for the “likes” of others. Take a risk, you may thank yourself later.

Faux Cream Fur courtesy of TJMaxx $20

Let’s just say you love the denim on denim look but you want to try something different than your dark jeans light shirt and vice Versace. Try stripes. It’s complete opposite from the usual but it’s still very much modern. Try a combination similar to this. 

Cocoa Redz/TheBobbyPen.com

Faux pink fur courtesy of Forever 21 $25

Welcome to the world of faux furs — for less. You may feel like you’re cheating yourself by not having the real deal but why harm animals when you can still be chic. Angela Simmons has even started her own faux fur line, Foofi and Bella, where ‘No animals were harmed in the making of this garment’.

Try it, you just might like it.



FAUXreal: 5 Simple Ways to Style Inexpensive Faux Furs
Article Name
FAUXreal: 5 Simple Ways to Style Inexpensive Faux Furs
These easy to mix-and-match faux fur pieces make high fashion both fun and affordable. Take a chance on faux furs and see how fly they really can be. 😉