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Dear Shy Glizzy: Your Complex Comments Will Cost You

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shy-glizzy-dc-diss-thebobbypenWhy I got to worry about anybody in D.C.? Nobody in D.C. is worried about Glizzy. – Shy Glizzy

Dear Shy Glizzy,

You tried it! Yep, right out of the gate I’m going to let you know how I feel about your comments in December 7th’s Complex article. You may have had an ‘Awwsome Year,’ but you sure closed it with a bang if these quotes are accurate.

You’re at mixtape no. 3 and, rightfully so, you’re feeling yourself. You’re proud likely because you never imagined you’d make it this far, and quiet as it’s kept, anyone over the age of 20 didn’t think so either.

I have quite the fond memory of you, an aloof 19-year-old with the city behind him. Your friends and loved ones gleaming. Excited to see one of their own finally make it. Though you hadn’t (and still haven’t) been picked up by a major label, these people who saw a piece of themselves in you shared in your success, local notoriety and pride. Sadly, this pride hasn’t been kept in check and it looks like you’re going to lose a few supporters.

Personally, I’m quite particular about what I listen to. I’m sure the features on my site illustrate this bias. However, I’ve been bumping the catchy trap-track “Awwsome,” which has now been referenced by the likes of Chris Brown and Lil’ Kim before either of them even had an inkling of who you are. Guess what? I’m from D.C. I’ve also been in local night clubs and private events when DJ’s– who represent the DMV too– played this track, and watched the club go crazy! You had a winner with that one. I even tweeted it a couple of weeks ago.

Furthermore, despite my reservations, on a hot Summer day back in 2012 I remember trekking across town with JukeBox DC to interview you at 37th Street Southeast’s “Glizzy Day.” How’s that for support!

Consider this: one of the nation’s most recognized community leaders, Mr. Tony Lewis, Jr. (whose mantra is #DCorNothing,) is standing next to you in that interview, on a day created to celebrate you, giving you credit for uniting this community. And as soon as you get a national platform, you toss these moments from your memory. Instead you chose to take the spotlight for yourself.

Need another example of why your comments are considered disrespectful to your “goofy” hometown? 2013’s Trillectro line up included A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, Cassie Veggies, Travi$ Scott and you! The only music festival created by and for the DMV featured you as a headliner, but no one has done anything for you? Thousands of people traveled far and wide from all around the country to attend this event– providing you exposure far beyond this region, and you dog us for all the world to see like this. You’re quoted as saying:

D.C. ain’t proud of me at all. I do what nobody else does for D.C., and nobody tells me thank you. I ain’t never seen nobody in D.C. support a project I put out.


 When you think of D.C. as a rap scene… —I don’t think of it as that. I think of it for what it is: washed up. It’s a party city now. Goofy town.

Way to shit on us, bro. You think you weren’t being supported before? You won’t see me supporting anything else you do if this is how you feel about the place that made you.

As Music Lovers

It’s unfortunate, but I believe D.C.’s music scene isn’t taken seriously on a national level because we’re too quick to put under-developed artists in the limelight. With all due respect, even temperamental Wale had a rough start getting out the gate because he would go into interviews blasting that D.C. doesn’t support him.

Why do we push these people who basically make the DMV look like a group of whining complainers? Is that they image we want to portray? These are things to consider when you’re jumping aboard a “movement.” Where is that movement headed? Success or destruction?

As consumers, we’ve got to better exercise our control of the entertainment industry. I think we forget (or maybe many genuinely don’t know) that we have 100 percent say in what broadcasts and what doesn’t– what catches on and what goes undiscovered.

While it is amazing to support and promote the hometown heroes, we’ve got to do a better job at who we essentially elect to represent our region. The DMV is full of truly talented artists- who have worked hard not only perfecting their crafts, but also owning tact and people-skills. My fear is that these artists will be overlooked because we pushed folk out who weren’t ready for the spotlight.

As for you Shy Glizzy: “I’m up here by myself. At the top,”  you say? With any attitude like that little guy, “by yourself” is where you’ll stay.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Shy Glizzy’s comments have been taken out of context, or are they truly offensive?

Dear Shy Glizzy: Your Complex Comments Will Cost You
Article Name
Dear Shy Glizzy: Your Complex Comments Will Cost You
"Why I got to worry about anybody in D.C.? Nobody in D.C. is worried about Glizzy." Dear Shy Glizzy, you tried it!

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