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Damn, Tommy! Power’s Joseph Sikora Barely Secures Invite To the Cookout [VIDEO]

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Do you think actor Joseph Sikora, “Tommy Egan” from Power, will know what Future might do “If Young Metro Don’t Trust You?”

While at the D.C. red carpet premiere for Season 4 of the hit STARZ drama, produced by 50 Cent, Entertainment Reporter Bobby Pen played a game of Black Card Revoked. The game tests one’s black pop culture knowledge, and since Sikora works with one of Hip-Hop’s richest and most influential artists, I figured he might know a thing or two.

See what he says when asked fun questions like “What’s liable to get you cussed out at the cookout?” and “Who’s over 40 and still slaying these chicks?” His answer to the latter is the most romantic thing you’d ever expect from a character who’s a murderer!

You can also find out what to expect from Tommy this season on Power, which premieres Sunday, June 25th at 9 PM ET.

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