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Creme of Nature Hair Color Crush Reveal DC Recap [VIDEO]

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On Friday (May 29th) leading hair care brand Creme of Nature, hosted their 2nd Annual Hair Color Crush Big Reveal with top beauty bloggers Jade Kendle of LipsticknCurls, Gabrielle Flowers Rader of The Gabe Fix, Yolanda Renee of ETC Blog Mag, and Bri Hall of Smartista Beauty in DC.

Of course, TheBobbyPen.com was at the center of the action as beauty the vloggers revealed their new and exciting makeovers featuring the Creme of Nature Exotic Shine™ Hair Color with Argan Oil from Morocco. Each curly girl’s makeover is been featured in the August 2015 issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair!

Gabrielle Flowers Rader

creme_of_nature_color_in_shine_event_etc_blog_mag_lipstickncurls_gabe_flowers_smartista_beauty_thebobbypen (3 of 4)Gabe is wearing Color in Shine duo Medium Warm Brown and Light Caramel Brown for dimension. Her hair was taper cut and finger coiled to achieve her signature look. When asked why she agreed to color her hair she said, “I’ve been natural for 5 years… no more chickening out, it was time to freshen things up a bit.”

Yolanda Renee

creme_of_nature_color_in_shine_event_etc_blog_mag_lipstickncurls_gabe_flowers_smartista_beauty_thebobbypen (4 of 4)Yolanda is wearing Color in Shine’s Intensive Red and Bronze Copper. Her signature look is a twistout fauxhawk for big, beautiful textured ringlets. Yolanda’s hair color tip: “It’s important to realize that you can keep your hair healthy with color. Of course, deep conditioning and sealing in moisture will be even more important now.

Bri Hall

creme_of_nature_color_in_shine_event_etc_blog_mag_lipstickncurls_gabe_flowers_smartista_beauty_thebobbypen (1 of 4)Bri, with her funky under-cut, is wearing a 3-color technique called “3D Color Splash” using Creme of Nature’s Ginger Blonde, Medium Warm and Red Copper. Her side swept signature style is achieved by setting jumbo flat twists, pinning the dried lengths to one side, and wand curling select pieces for added definition. While Bri has been playing with color and cuts for some time now, she says “Hair color is like an accessory to me.”

Jade Kendle

creme_of_nature_color_in_shine_event_etc_blog_mag_lipstickncurls_gabe_flowers_smartista_beauty_thebobbypen (2 of 4)Jade, who’s bi-racial, has a naturally looser curl pattern, but this hasn’t stopped the curly beauty from experimenting with color too. Jade’s wearing Intensive Red and Red Copper to complete her look. To achieve these carefree curls, the stylists simple wet set her natural curl pattern with a diffuser and teased the roots for volume. When asked about her new color Jade said, “Coloring makes everything look like it’s popping!”

The reveal event, coordinated all the way from Chicago, was hosted at LOOK Lounge & Supper club, where the hors-d’oeuvre were endless and everyone received a free drink ticket. Prior to the event, Hair Crush alumnae YouTuber MsVaughnTV hosted a live webcast of the event, mingling with guests and VIPs alike.

At the start of the show, host Africa Miranda (of Bravo’s The New Atlanta,) warmed up the crowd and set the tone for an amazing Q&A session with each 2015 Hair Crush and award-winning stylist Pat Gabe Williams.

The ladies then came out and answered questions like: How do you repair color damage?, I’m nervous to color for the first time, how did you feel? How to beat the frizz on kinkier textures after coloring? How to hide an undercut for the workplace? and social media fans asked How did friends and family react to the new looks?

A couple of the ladies had some cute answers to that last one. Yolanda Renee said her two baby girls (ages 6 and 4) said they wanted to color their hair too! Only the want pink. She said she’d look for pink clip-ins for them to play with at home. While Bri Hall said she warmed her mother up to the drastic change by showing her a picture of her hair at it’s the brightest point– before it was toned down the red and copper undertones. Whereas, Gabe Flowers said her husband loves it. The blush on her face as she shared that revealed more than the comment. On the other hand, her hairstylist grandma was another story entirely. Grandma initially felt Gabe’s color could’ve been lighter, but eventually, she warmed up to it and told her she loves it too.

I was live-blogging the event, so check out these Insta pics before the full gallery below!

Creme of Nature Hair Color Crushes ETCBlogMag, Lipstickncurls, GabeBabeTV + TheSmartista
Creme of Nature Hair Color Crushes ETCBlogMag, Lipstickncurls, GabeBabeTV + TheSmartista

This weekend I caught up with Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Color Hair Crushes at the DC event. Popular beauty YouTubers Yoldan of Etc Blog Mag, Jade from LipsticknCurls, Bri from TheSmartista and Gabrielle of GabeBabeTV told me all about their hair transformations and what it's like to be a "fun natural."

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