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Born Again: Multi-Platinum Producer Slikk Muzik Died Two Times & Tells All [VIDEO]

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“It was an outer body experience. It’s like my spirit left my body.”

Imagine being a 31-year-old medical mystery. Picture this:  You go to the hospital for a routine medical procedure and literally lose your life. TWICE! …literally.

One music producer fortunately made it to tell his amazing, thought provoking and spiritual story. Meet Rickey Offord, better known by his industry name “Slikk Muzik.”

Slikk is a Grammy-Award Winning, multi-platinum music producer who’s worked with artists including Babyface, T.I., Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Master P, Jamie Foxx, Kevin McCall and Tank. In March, Slikk won his first Golden Globe Award for production on hit FX series “Atlanta,” starring Donald Glover.

Slikk Muzik went in for a simple gall bladder procedure when “routine” quickly became an “emergency,” and what should’ve taken less than a day turned into 64 days instead. Recalling the incident he says, “It’s a simple day surgery that people have every day. So I’m thinking I’m gonna be in and out and keep it moving, but things went wrong.”

While tubing him doctors severely punctured his lungs leaving the then 30-year-old man fighting for his life.

For 33 days, Slikk Muzik was in a coma and medically died twice– defined as the cessation of blood circulation and breathing, the two necessary criteria to sustain human life.

When asked what it was like to die, Slikk Muzik remembers:

From the time I remember going into the coma it was immediately pretty much outter body experience. None of that stuff is made up. It’s very real. It’s like my spirit came out of my body, and the first time I passed away– well, died medically, it was about 3-and-a-half minutes, they said. It’s like I literally remember going to heaven for a minute, and being in the line of judgement. I remember waiting. It was like a single-filed line of different personalities, different faces, different people. Everybody– they were calm. They were content. They knew what it was. They wasn’t tripping. They were just waiting their turn.

After seeing that, Slikk Muzik said he knew he wasn’t ready. He felt his purpose hadn’t yet been fulfilled, he was too young and knew he still had more work to do so doctors tell him he came back. His heart started to beat again.

I met Slikk Muzik at his 31st birthday party, simply to link up with my friend and favorite R&B singer Tank while he was in Dallas for a show the next day. While at the party, Tank– who’s song “F’n With Me” is produced by Slikk Muzik, address the crowd to publicly thank the Triple D native not only for producing the song for free, but celebrating his miraculous recovery. Taken aback I went over and re-introduced myself to the already hospitable and humble guy. Tank’s road manager co-signed my platform and helped us setup this interview.

Last Fall I had the pleasure of securing one of Slikk Muzik’s first interviews after he was released from the hospital. Watch the full interview above.


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