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BobbyPen’s 5 Minutes with Actress Angell Conwell

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Actress Angell Conwell for TheBobbyPen.com

Actress Angell Conwell for TheBobbyPen.com

Prayer, Passion, Purpose and Preparation are the keys to success. You will not [likely] be an overnight-sensation so you need to keep your armor on—it’s a fight! …but a fun fight.

Angell Conwell. Name ring a bell? If not, I’m sure her face and list of credentials will. Angell started her career in Television with reoccurring roles on shows like NYPD Blue, City Guys, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Moesha staring singer Brandy. She got her first film role in 2001 cast as Omar Gooding’s girlfriend Kim in John Singleton’s “Baby Boy.” She later played Antoinette in DJ Pooh’s “The Wash,” and Tamika in Jessy Terrero’s “Soul Plane” staring funnyman Kevin Hart. Starting to click?

Baby Boy for TheBobbyPen.com

Baby Boy for TheBobbyPen.com

The Back Story

Angell grew up in her hometown Orangeburg, S.C. as an average girl with extra average dreams. Getting a head start in the entertainment industry, 5-years-old Angell began entering beauty pageants. She had won so many that by 10-years-old she was a local celebrity and had already had a stint as a Wilhelmina Kid’s model. After two years of modeling she was ready to tap into her passion: acting. Her and her mother packed up and moved to Los Angeles once the young starlet turned 12 and she’s been working non-stop ever since. Angell tells TheBobbyPen.com that she hasn’t taken a break or vacation since she can remember because she’s been “zoned in.”

She’s so dedicated that when I asked her, “If you could pick up and take a trip anywhere right now where would you go?” she said, “Somewhere not too far. I like to be close enough that if I need to catch a flight home and get to set I can, so maybe Hawaii—I haven’t been there yet.”

Image Award Nomination

The Young and the Restless Logo for TheBobbyPen.com

The Young and the Restless Logo for TheBobbyPen.com

That dedication has paid off in the form of an NAACP Image Award nomination for Best Actress in a Day Time Drama Series for her role as attorney Leslie Michaelson on the long-running No. 1 soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”

In December, Angell’s reoccurring role became permanent when she signed the contract with CBS. I asked her how it felt to be nominated for the award after all of her hard work and she told me, “It felt awesome just to be nominated.

I wasn’t trippin’ about winning or not winning, I just wanted my granny to be able to say that she was proud of me.” Angell loves good storytelling and entertainment and viewed the nom as conformation that she is doing things right.

She also enjoyed the nomination because she got to get all dressed up for the red carpet! She said choosing the right dress was important because if you don’t pull your look together right people will start talking. So she wanted to make sure her hair and make-up was perfect, but this attention to detail sometimes over-shadowed the real reason she was prepping; “Oh yeah. I’m nominated too,” she joked.

Girl Talk

Since it’s practically Valentine’s Day, I just had to ask Angell about her love life—you know, Girl Talk. She giggled and told me that she is not in a relationship right now. She says she believes that it has to be the right person at the right time, because that is the difference between a mate encouraging you to succeed or being a distraction. The beautiful young woman say’s she doesn’t exactly like being single and feels most comfortable in a relationship, but wants to focus on her blooming career right now.

4 Network Roles

The Real Husbands of Hollywood for TheBobbyPen.com

The Real Husbands of Hollywood for TheBobbyPen.com

At almost 30-years-old, Angell is excited about the transition point she’s approaching. She’s matured and seen a lot both professionally as well as personally, and is ready for a different season in her career. This season just so happens to have her reaping the harvests of four networks. FOUR!

In addition to The Young and the Restless, Angell is starring in a new series on Bounce TV alongside former cast mate Omar Gooding in the Sitcom “Family Time.” I asked her how it feels working with Omar again and she loves it! Angell says, “Omar’s really talented and we already have good chemistry.” She’s glad she gets to work with him in a different genre this time because she can learn from him, “Comedy is his strong set,” she says.

Angell will also be appearing on a popular BET show—she says she hates keeping secrets, but when she’s asked to she has to keep her word. However, TheBobbyPen.com got the scoop! She’s been taping somewhere around the cast of the Real Husbands of Hollywood— that Kevin Hart connection. *wink*

Longevity in the entertainment industry is not to be taken lightly these days, so I asked her what her secret was for remaining relevant. Simply put, Angell loves what she’s doing. She says she’s not in it for any popularity, rather she wants to entertain and be able to take audiences’ minds off what’s going on at the current moment and make them smile. She says sometimes the industry can be dark and vague and the money and fame can become an addiction if that’s what your goal is, she suggests keeping your purpose and family in mind and the rest will come. “Prayer, Passion, Purpose and Preparation are the keys to success. You will not [likely] be an overnight-sensation so you need to keep your armor on—it’s a fight! …but a fun fight.”

Angell Conwell in Soul Plane for TheBobbyPen.com

Angell Conwell in Soul Plane for TheBobbyPen.com

Most Fun Co-Stars

I told her I didn’t want to get her in any trouble with anyone, but asked her to tell me of everyone she’s been able to work with, who did she have the most fun with. Angell said, “Soul Plane was the most fun of my career. With Method Man, Sophia Vergara, and Kevin. We were filming for three months so I really got to spend time with them. We were clowning around. I don’t care what anyone says, we were clearly not going for Oscars. I had a good time.”

Most Influential Co-Stars

I then asked her who has she worked with who’s been most influential and she told me John Singleton and DJ Pooh. Her and Pooh are friends and she admires how he is low-key. She learned a lot from both men by watching and observing the way they work and write. She also added that she loves working with actress Vivica A. Fox because she’s so uplifting. “She’s not afraid to share her journey and she’s generous in offering advice. I love me some Vivica. I wear her weave line!” says Angell through laughs. She says she gets something from everyone.

Angell is also staring in a new original Gospel Music Channel series “For Richer or Poorer” with Rockmond Dunbar, LeToya Luckett and Jackée Harry airing on Sunday’s. She wanted to make sure that all of you tune in to watch the plot unfold on The Young and The Restless. She says it is the most diverse Day Time Drama on TV right now with a cool storyline. She says, “The ‘Soap Suspense’ is good right now.”

To keep up with Angell Conwell:

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The Young and The Restless | CBS, Weekdays

Family Time | Bounce TV, Monday’s

For Richer or Poorer | Gospel Music Channel, Sunday’s

The Real Husbands of Hollywood | BET, Tuesday’s