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Black Love: Top 7 Black Celebrity Power Couples

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It’s Valentine’s Day and while some people are headed to Bath & Body Works or their local CVS to find V-Day presents, we had to take some time to recap what we’ve learned from the masters of love – the celebrity couples whose love for one another radiates off one another on the red carpet.

Essence Magazine presented the top 40 black couples that exemplify “Black Love.” These are couples who put time, energy and effort into their relationship because we all know the hard work continues even after that walk down the aisle.

The spotlight may have brought on a few hardships along the way, but their love has survived. Here are some of TheBobbyPen’s favorite black couples from the list and a little on why their black love is so beautiful.

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Article Name
Black Love: Top 7 Black Celebrity Power Couples
Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, Steve Harvey and Marjorie, Barack and Michelle Obama. Here are some of The Bobby Pen’s favorite black couples and a little on why their black love is so beautiful.

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