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Top Beauty Trends of New York Fashion Week 2016

Metallic eyes, bold embellishments and dark lips are to die for!
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The warmth and darkness of autumn of this year’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) make up trends is a stark contrast to the peachy tones and flowery themes we’ve seen in previous spring fashion weeks.

Bold embellishments, eye catching metallics, and dark sultry colors have all graced the stage of several fashion houses. Check out these picks for this year’s favorite NYFW trends. Get ahead of the curve as we’re sure you’ll be seeing more of these looks this spring.

Metallic Eyes

Photo: Allure.com

Who doesn’t love a little glitter on their eyes? Once a look reserved for winter holiday season, metallics and glitter have made a resurgence at spring 2016 fashion week. Partner this bold eye look with matte colors in the crease or a heavy wing liner like Creatures of the Wind have done for their test looks.

Oh what, the glint of metallic isn’t your statement piece think spring? The next trend will surely have you ready to transcend to the next level of beauty.

Bold Embellishments

Photo: Vogue.com

So maybe you won’t go to the haute couture extreme like Givenchy did and wear an ordinate face mask, but a few strategically placed jewels in the right spot will definitely accentuate your favorite facial features.

Try placing jeweled pieces in areas where you would normally place your highlight. You’ll be surprised how chic and put together this look will be. If you feel this look is too gaudy, maybe a little darkness is what you need. This next trend will definitely help you embrace your darkside.

Dark Lips

Photo: Bustle.com

What girl doesn’t love a good dark lip? With so many fashion houses embracing the dark lippy experience, I’m so excited about all the dark lip shades I will still be able to wear spring 2016. This trend just exudes mystery and class. Look at supermodel Adriana Lima’s take here.

To make this look even more fun, wear a fun bright color in the middle of the lip like the model for Emanuel Ungaro is wearing above. To complement this look, keep the foundation flat without adding a contour and use a radiance setting powder to give an iridescent sheen to the skin.

A Supernatural Spring

Photo: kctv.com

As NYFW Spring 2016 comes to an end, we’re excited about the juxtaposition, or how the traditional idea of spring is about to become much more otherworldly and dark. You can still find a way to mix your favorite floral tones with deep lip hues or bold metallic eyes. I’m definitely excited about trying jeweled embellishments, justt in time for next year’s music festival season. Coachella, maybe?

Do you have a look or trend you’re excited about from NYFW?

Comment below and share your thoughtS on this year’s beauty trends. We’re looking forward to seeing what London has to offer next. As always, stay priceless penpalz!

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