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Beauty Box Subscriptions: Your How-to Guide

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Being the make-up junkie that I am, I’m trying to find ways to get my beauty fix without blowing the bank. Thank goodness for monthly beauty box subscriptions. I mean who doesn’t want customized beauty products sent directly to their house for, in most cases, $10 dollars a month! Below are a two of my favorite subscription services and some tips to get you started on this beauty craze as well.


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Pro Tip: Want to receive BirchBox in the mail? Click here and get fifty points after signing up and subscribing to your first box! Every 100 points gets you $10 off your box. 
Birchbox is a Manhattan-based online subscription service that sends its subscribers a package of four to five customized samples of beauty related products once a month. These customized samples include but, or not limited to: make up products, skincare items, perfumes samples, and various other beauty items all for $10. This subscription service also has boxes for MEN. With Fathers’ Day literally right around the corner, sending dad a box with skincare items or shave essentials would definitely brighten up his day. The coolest thing about BirchBox is they also sell full size products of the products they sends samples of. So if you happen to fall in love with that Stila liquid lipsticks, have you fear you can purchase the full size through BirchBox. They also have a subscription option to add two full sized products for an additional $20. What’s not to love about BirchBox?

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Pro Tip: Want to get started with your own Ipsy Glam bag? Click here to start your IpsyMatch quiz. Once Subscribed you will receive exclusive samples, opportunities for free full size products, and 100 points.
Ipsy, originally called MyGlam, is a beauty subscription service co-founded by YouTube personality Michelle Phan. Ipsy does have a similar concept to Birchbox: after completing a survey, you get four to five deluxe samples that fit your beauty and skincare needs sent to your house once a month for the low fee of $10. The biggest point of difference between Ipsy and BirchBox are the cool instructional videos on YouTube that can help subscribers learn how to effectively use the products in their Ipsy glam bags. So if you are a budding make up enthusiast or a professional make up artist, you can still know how to properly use your new deluxe samples. One other difference, your deluxe samples also come with a free make up bag every month. Sorry guys Ipsy does not have a bag for men quite yet but, stay tuned.
Share Your Favorite Beauty Subscription Boxes

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Maybe nails are your forte or do you feel like the hair guru? Share and highlight your favorite monthly beauty boxes below in the comments. Who knows, your next beauty purchase may only be $10 dollars away. As always, stay priceless.