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EXCLUSIVE | “All Eyez On Me” Cast Challenges Hollywood [INTERVIEW]

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Get the scoop on what it was like behind the scenes of All Eyez On Me, why producer LT Hutton chose to the tell Tupac’s story the way he did, the chemistry between actors Demetrius Shipp Jr. and Kat Graham from this exclusive interview with the All Eyez On Me cast.

Entertainment Reporter Bobby Pen sat down with the cast last week in Washington, D.C. in an intimate press junket. For an hour, a room full of 8 bloggers and writers discussed the ins and outs of LT Hutton’s first featured film. The music producer, turned filmmaker had several run-ins while navigating Hollywood, pushing him to the point of flipping tables and even threatening to cancel the project altogether! In the very candid discussion both Demetrius and Kat share their experiences on set, what it was like to prepare for their roles, what this film will mean to their careers moving forward and what they hope moviegoers will takeaway:

Here’s what Bobby Pen came back with from:

Demetrius Shipp, Jr. (Tupac) Kat Graham (Jada Pinkett) LT Hutton (Film Producer)

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