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3 Tips to Save Money On Your Next Beauty Haul

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The art of Spend and Save is a tried and true tradition for fashionistas of varying socioeconomic classes. Learn how to save money even while spending with these tips.


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Who doesn’t want to save money on their next beauty haul? Well if you’re balling on a budget like myself, it means you only stock up on your favorite beauty products during a super sale. You guys can ask any of my friends, I am the queen of the discount. So if there is a way to get it on the “low low”, I’m here to share my knowledge and tips. Take note and learn you don’t have to work at Sephora to have a vanity to the gawds. (Although, it does help ;-))

Loyalty Cards


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Most of you guys dread loyalty cards. I know because I work in retail and try to get people to sign up every single day. People fail to realize that companies are literally giving away money to make you come and buy more. In addition, most loyalty cards have the amazing perks of exclusive coupons, birthday gifts, and a few even boast closed door private events. My favorite loyalty cards are: Sephora, Ulta, CVS, and Walgreen’s. These cards are the best because you save bigger shopping at these stores as a member.  With the Sephora Beauty Insider Card (for example), you receive exclusive shopping deals at least three times a year. Typically with Sephora, the more you shop there, the better discount you earn.

Mobile Applications


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Did you know there is an app that gives you money for just walking into a store? Yup you read that correctly, you can earn a gift card from your favorite retailer by just simply walking into the store. This app is called ShopKick. The only downside is you can only earn ShopKick points from one retailer at a time. So if you want to earn points for yourself at both Sephora and Target, ask your boo thang to download the app on their device too. Just a warning, you literally can earn ShopKick points anywhere. The battle to get someone to let you use their points may be a tough one.

Two other great apps are Mavatar and Ebates. These apps are a little different than ShopKick because you have to order your products online. Through buying your online purchases online through them, you can earn or accumulate savings over time.

 Emails and Coupons


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Good old fashioned coupon clipping is still a way to earn savings. If you feel you are too good for the scissors, many retailers now send coupons through personalized email. One way I sort through the junk in my mailbox, I opened a secondary google account just for emails. After I created this account, I went into filters and set up automatic filing systems between different brands and retailers. I now sort through my coupons easily.

Save Big In The End

Overall, you do not have to spend top dollar to get high end quality products. Using my trade secrets you definitely will be spending way less and taking home way more. Share your beauty hauls with me by using the hashtag #TrickySecretZBeautyHaul. Happy savings and be priceless.