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Keep Your Skin Popping During Harsh Winter Months

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While winter is well under way, I’m thankful that we haven’t had to focus much on harsh weather working to destroy our skin due to the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve experienced so far this season. But now the weather is turning and it’s about to get extremely cold outside. I mean, it actually snowed yesterday! Now’s the time to start that winter time skin routine to protect and preserve our sexy. Here’s where I step in to give you a few pointers on how to do that!

Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

Water can be our best friend during the winter. It helps to keep our cells plump. If we don’t drink water our skin cells become dry and shrink. Constantly drinking water keeps that at bay. And don’t forget to eat a healthy diet rich in Omega 3’s and green leafy vegetables. The Omega 3’s keep your skin cells well lubricated and green leafy vegetables, like spinach, are rich in folate that help to repair DNA. This helps to keep your skin looking super fresh!

Photo Source:http://www.custombuiltpt.com/

Photo Source:http://www.custombuiltpt.com/

Use a Humidifier

Humidifier use during the winter can be a great tool in your arsenal to combat dry skin. The heat we have on during the winter can be very harsh on our skin. Normally it is a very dry heat and can suck all of the moisture out of your skin and body. That’s why I recommend using a humidifier during this time. Humidifiers are designed to add moisture back into the air. And this air will help your skin fight all the elements that home heating throws at you.


Exfoliating away dry, dead skin cells is an effective way to keep your skin looking its best during these harsh winter months. I would advise to exfoliate once a week depending on your skin type. Be careful not to over exfoliate especially if you have dry skin. You don’t want to dehydrate your skin even more and cause damage. I recommend using the “ExfoliKate” exfoliator from Kate Somerville. This exfoliator contains “Papaya, Pineapple, and Pumpnkin Enzymes [which] are formulated to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, without over-drying.” This is a very important factor because you don’t want to dry out your skin even more, you just want to remove dead skin. Be sure to keep this in mind when exfoliating. Do not scrub your skin off! LOL!


After exfoliating your skin, cleanse with a gentle cleanser. Cleansing allows you to prep the surface for moisturizer. Cleansing takes off any unseen makeup or environmental debris. I recommend the Fresh (www.fresh.com)  Rose Cleansing Foam.” It was “proven to keep skin moisturized for up to 6 hours.” This is important because you don’t want a cleanser that will add to drying your skin out. That’s why I recommend you use something a mild/gentle cleanser.


After cleansing don’t forget the most important part of your winter skincare regimen-moisturizing. Moisturizing seals in all the goodness and keeps your skin from being affected by the elements. During the winter, I advise you use something thicker and richer than you already use. Slather it on! Don’t be shy. A great moisturizer that I use personally is the Chanel (www.chanel.com) “Hydra Beauty Crème Riche.” This moisturizer is nice and thick and it was “specifically developed to deliver intense moisture.”


Extra Tip!

Don’t forget your lips! They are super-duper important too! Create that barrier between your lips and the elements. This will keep your lips from drying out and cracking under the pressure. Try Smith’s Rosebud SalveTin (http://www.rosebudperfume.com). This is a very popular lip conditioner and can usually be found at any pharmacy or cosmetics store.

So there you have it! Your tools to get your skin winter-ized!! Try these steps and your skin will stay nice and fresh even when the “HAWK” is out!!

Keep Your Skin Popping During Harsh Winter Months
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Keep Your Skin Popping During Harsh Winter Months
Keep Your Skin Radiant and Glowing During the Winter. Here are some skin care tips to use in your beauty regimen.
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